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Weybosset Parade

An exterior mural painted in downtown Providence, Rhode Island in the summer of 2023. The mural fills the facade of the Old Providence National Bank on Weybosset Street.  The facade acts as a rotating mural space, and this mural was chosen by The Avenue Concept for its 2023-2024 residency.

IMG_2222 Justin Case_cropped.png


This mural was inspired by the WaterFire festivities of Providence, capturing the movement and commotion that return to the streets of the city come summer. 

Approaching this space, I knew I wanted to treat the five panels as a continuous image and emphasize the movement between them.


Given the proximity to the canal, I wanted to link the mural to the gathering that take place on its banks: groups of skateboarders and bike rides during the day, and parades of kayakers carrying fish lanterns in the night.

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