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Utile Architecture & Design

A commissioned logo redesign for Utile's commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Incorporating themes of community gathering and advocacy into this neighborhood setting, my design celebrates elements of Latine history with personal memories of community and culture. Each letter label corresponds with the description below. 

Digital illustration

View here on Utile's site for full descriptions. 

a. The United Farm Workers

b. Sin Fronteras Farm and Food

c. The Young Lords

d. Chicano Park

e. The STAR House

f.  Hector Valle & Angie Xtravaganza 

g. The Palladium Ballroom

h. Solidarity for Sanctuary

Concept sketches


The process for this piece involved researching Latine history that spanned predominantly from the 1950s to the present. Wanting to focus on the theme of community, I focused on spaces and advocacy that operated on a communal level politically and culturally.


The setting for this piece draws from my personal memories of community, from the cul de sac to the city block. 

Drawing this piece, I wanted to capture a sense of liveliness in the neighborhood, despite the lack of figures in it. 

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