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The Skin I Live In - soundtrack cover

For the soundtrack album cover design, I thought about the architecture and production design of the movie in relationship to the surface of the vinyl cover.


I imagined the surface of the cover as a space carefully curated by Dr. Ledgard— the psychopathic plastic surgeon— and how that space confines his captive patient, Vera.

This cover is a collage of charcoal and digital illustration. 

Primary Heading Font: Boska 

Secondary Heading Font: Clash Display

the skin i live in album soundtrack vinyl

On the front cover, Ledgard watches Vera through the wall (a large monitor in the film) that separates them. Vera is embedded in the walls of Ledgard's estate, hidden here beneath layers of patterns; inspired by anatomical illustrations and the layers of the body.

The background of this mockup is a still from the film of Ledgard's living room. I was inspired by Antxón Gómez's production design, and the way he captures Ledgard's values of beauty, perfection and control through his decor. 

the skin i live in soundtrack album vinyl

On the back cover, Zeca permeates the surface of the cover, like he does the walls of El Cigarral to reach Vera; another kind of invasion of Vera. 

The background of this mockup is a crop of Titian's Venus with an Organist and Cupid, one of the paintings in Ledgard's mansion. It's one of many paintings in his home depicting the idealistic feminine beauty and body. 

Concept sketches

Sketching the concept for the front and back covers.

Click images to zoom and read notes. 

the skin i live in concept sketches

Character studies


Final charcoal drawings


Final drawings are collaged together in Photoshop with digitally drawn assets. 


The process continues back and forth between traditional and digital drawing and conceptualizing. 

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