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The Skin I Live In
Soundtrack cover

For the design of this album cover I was inspired largely by the production design of Almodóvar's The Skin I Live In, imagining the album cover as a space carefully curated by the film's antagonist Dr. Ledgard, that confines his captive, Vera. 

On the front cover, Ledgard gazes at Vera through the wall that separates them. Vera is hidden beneath layers of patterns inspired by anatomical illustrations and the layers of the body. 

The back cover captures the invasion of Zeca through the walls of El Cigarral to reach Vera.

The backgrounds for the album mockup images are taken directly from the artistic direction of the film's production designer, Antxón Gómez. The interior design of Ledgard's estate captures his values of perfection, beauty and control, elements of which I brought into my own cover design.


The background of the back cover is a crop of Titian's Venus with an Organist and Cupid, one of many paintings in Ledgard's collection depicting idealistic feminine beauty and bodies. 


Concept and sketches


I thought about the cover in relation to the architecture of the movie, and the post-surgery mask Vera wears. 

I wanted to unveil Vera's face in the way the layers of plot and characters are unveiled over the course of the film.

Character studies of Zeca and Dr. Ledgard.

Through these studies I was exploring the opposing energies of these antagonists: the fierce energy and movement of Zeca, in contrast with the stoicism and deep shadows of Ledgard's figure.


The covers' main illustrations were drawn traditionally in charcoal, scanned, and collaged with text and digital vector drawings. 

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