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The Husband Stitch

A series of ink drawings based on the short story "The Husband Stitch" by Carmen Maria Machado. The story chronicles the life of a woman from the moment she meets the man she will marry, through the life they share together. Interspersed are cautionary tales of women misled and misunderstood, each meeting untimely ends to their own stories. 

In this tale, a girl is dared to venture into a cemetery at midnight and plunge a knife into a grave supposedly to taunt the dead. She complies and ends up pinning herself to the ground by mistake. She dies either by exposure or fright. 

On a trip abroad with her daughter, a mother falls ill and a doctor is called to their hotel room. The daughter is sent on a winding journey to search for medicine. When she returns she finds that not only has her mother disappeared without a trace, but that the interior of the room is unrecognizable.


The story has multiple endings; one of which involves the daughter wandering the streets of Paris searching for someone she can't be sure existed in the first place.

A young woman's family is ripped from her by wolves. She disappears, but rumors circulate town about her sightings; that she has become feral herself, attacking neighbor's livestock. She is finally spotted at the banks of the river, nursing two wolf pups. 

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