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Postcards from Tatacoa

A series of postcards inspired by a weekend stay in the Tatacoa Desert in central Colombia. The desert is distinct for its two colors of rock and sand: the red sands of the Cuzco and the gray area of Los Hoyos. These postcards depict various destinations and personal memories of the desert.

Charcoal and digital collage.


The mineral pools are a welcome oasis in the Los Hoyos region of the desert, nestled in between the gray rock. 

Back of postcard, featuring the stacks of rocks assembled in small stacks alongside the road. 


Noches en Saturno is a family-run hostel on a goat farm. Visitors can rent out small rooms, or spaces in their shady grove for camping out in tents and hammocks. 

A couple of cows spotted along the single road that cuts through the desert, resting among the cacti.

The best way to get around the desert is the rickshaw.

One of two observatories in Tatacoa. On clear nights, visitors can make out a dimly lit Milky Way.

Back of horizontal postcard.

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