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Newsletter layouts designed for
Lore Collection, advertising new releases, favorite brands, and upcoming events. 

Fall Accessories Newsletter

Fall newsletter highlighting accessories and home goods, anticipating the cold weather ahead.


Features include jacquard throw blankets, so quilting was the initial inspiration for the layout.

Brand Feature Newsletter

Newsletter featuring a knitwear staple at Lore, announcing a large fall restock of product staples and new releases. 

Photos were provided by the brand, and the design was inspired by Verloop's vibrant palettes and playful styles.

Winter Apparel Newsletter

A brand highlight featuring two clothing brands that center sustainable materials and production in their ethos.

Given the simplicity of the brand's photography, the goal of the design was to frame them in a dynamic way.

Vendor Pop-Up Newsletter

Announcement flyer for a Vendor Pop-Up at Lore, featuring a local handmade accessories and curated vintage brand.

The design was intended to marry the whimsical qualities of both Lore and Sir Milky Quartz, with celestial and botanical aesthetics.

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