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Below is graphic design work done for the Rhode Island based retailer Katrinkles; an online brand specializing in tools, accessories, and tchotchkes for knitters, crocheters, and fiber enthusiasts alike.

I was the staff graphic designer for from 2020 to 2023, and covered a variety of design duties from marketing to infographics for
in-studio use.


Product Design

Stickers for the  2022 Holiday Advent Calendar


These stickers were designed as part of the 2022 Advent Calendar, following the theme of "My Favorite Things." Inspiration for this project was broad and covered a variety of hobbies, foods and objects of comfort. 

katrinkles advent sticker sheet fiber tools stickergiant

The sticker sheet is 3" x 5", and the die cut sticker is 2.5" x 3". Printed by StickerGiant.

Pattern Design

Background pattern for online newsletters sent to retail customers and wholesale stockists.

These two patterns were designed to distinguish retail from wholesale email newsletters. Each pattern is presented in two color ways consistent with the brand's palette. 

Each pattern contains general imagery associated with knitting and crocheting, and incorporates specific products produced by Katrinkles. Click to magnify.

katrinkles newsletter pattern design buttons and tools fiber artists

Site Banners

Retail site headers.

These site banners were illustrated and designed for Katrinkles' monthly product subscription. Each set of products corresponded with a theme, whether it be mushrooms, sharks, or gardening.


Production Posters

Posters designed for in-studio use, to communicate and streamline production procedures.

The process for designing these posters involved input from members of the studio's production team. Written procedures were taken from each member of the team according to each step of the production process, and interpreted visually.

These were posted around the studio as visual reminders to existing employees, and to educate new additions to the team. 

Packaging Posters

These posters were designed to communicate procedures for packaging different products.

Like the production posters, these were designed with input and feedback from the production team, and went through multiple versions to ensure they communicate effectively.

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