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Graphic Design for


A selection of design works made during a two-year staff position at Katrinkles:

a Rhode Island-based retailer and manufacturer of tools and tchotchkes for fiber artists. 

Pattern Design

Designs for branded tissue paper and stickers in retail packaging. The pattern utilizes knitting and crocheting motifs combined with drawings based on brand products.


This die-cut sticker and sticker sheet were created to coincide with Katrinkles' 2022 Advent calendar, themed to objects and activities of comfort; including mended hearts, sweet treats, and cuddly pets. 

Instagram Stickers

Digital stickers made for use on Instagram stories and posts. These were based on brand products, copy and imagery. 

Workflow Posters

Posters designed for in-studio use to communicate and streamline manufacturing procedures.

These posters improved product quality consistency, and efficiency in training new team members. 


These posters communicated information about material handling, quality control, and equipment setup.


Custom icons were created to efficiently communicate each step of the production process for each product or material. Icons represented a piece of shop machinery or a 

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