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A series of ink drawings inspired by the short story The Husband Stitch by Carmen Maria Machado.

The story is narrated by an unnamed woman from the moment she meets her soon to be husband and through the life they build together. Interspersed are cautionary tales of tragic women, recounted by the narrator to the point where she becomes one herself.  


In this tale  a young woman is dared to visit a cemetery at night and plunge a knife into a grave. In doing so, she stabs the end of her skirt, pinning herself to the grave. She's found dead the following morning, having died from exposure or fright. 

A young woman is on a vacation with her mother in Paris, when her mother falls ill. A doctor makes a house call and sends the daughter on an impossibly long journey to retrieve medicine for her mother. When she returns, her mother is gone and the hotel room has been completely redesigned. 

There are multiple endings to this story, the last of which involves the daughter wandering aimlessly around Paris, mourning a woman she can't be sure existed in the first place. 


A young girl is orphaned after her family is killed by a pack of wolves. She disappears from her town, and rumors circulate around her small town. She's alleged to be running around town with wolves, attacking the farms and livestock. She's finally spotted on the banks of a river, nursing two wolf cubs.