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Her Body:
a horror series

A series of illustrations inspired by the writings of Carol Clover in her book Men, Women & Chainsaws about gender in 70s and 80s horror classics, and the way these films align viewers with feminine terrors.


Opening Up

The first in this series, Opening Up, references Clover's chapter on the possession horror film. She describes these films, dealing with haunted houses and possessed bodies, as deeply interested in feminine interiority, "the presence of things hidden from view."

Opening Up is a 2-color riso print, layered in teal and scarlet. 

Getting Even

Getting Even is inspired by Carol Clover's chapter on the rape revenge film of the 70s and 80s. She describes the inciting violence of these movies, the feelings of powerlessness and degradation as the "most quintessentially feminine of experiences."


In thinking about the pursuit to reclaim power and seek revenge, I thought about the ouroboros, cycles of destruction and a woman lying in wait.

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