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Motif Magazine

Halloween 2023 Cover

Cover illustration for Motif Magazine's 2023 Halloween Issue. This cover was inspired in part by memories of late night walks around the east side of Providence, and by New England vampire lore. 

Charcoal and ink drawing, colored digitally. 

Crossing Angells

motif magazine halloween issue providence rhode island vampire girls


When thinking of concepts, I start by writing out webs of associated words, references, and bits of research that inspire me visually. 

In thinking about Halloween, I began looking into local Rhode Island paranormal lore, and came across the story of the New England "vampires." 

I thought about Halloween as a night for the paranormal spirits to come alive, and monsters to galavant in the streets. I thought about my own memories of roaming the historic east side of Providence, and the way history is preserved in its neighborhoods, much like its lore.

I drew on my memory in my compositional studies, and then did some observational studies of the houses climbing the steep Angell Street hill. I wanted to capture the steep perspective of that climb, while playing with the flatness of the house facades. 


Concept, shapes and values are loosely blocked out digitally, and sent to the art director for feedback. 

The digital sketch is then worked on traditionally, implementing feedback into the refined sketch. 


The drawing is done in charcoal and ink on bristol board-- the background drawn separately from the vampire figures.

Drawings are then scanned, edited, and colored and collaged digitally.

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